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presidents of the united states, bill clinton and george w. bush. we've watched the sunday shows so you don't have to. we'll break it all down with james carvel and mary madeline and the best political team on television. "state of the union" sound of sunday for january 17th. president obama's point man for the humanitarian crisis acknowledges complaints from search and rescue teams and medical organizations saying they can't get clooerns to fly in. dr. rah jooef shaw says balancing the need for boots on the ground with the dire shortage of food, water and medicine. >> we have 30 teams from around the world on the ground, approximately 30 teams. each of those teams is 70-plus individuals. they have dogs and assets and specialized equipment. they work around the clock. our teams from the u.s. were the first teams to get in. they set aup center that allowed the others to know where to go and work in a more coordinated way. you always want more and we have sa number of teechls on standby in the united states. we were told by the haitian government that we need to balance the degree of that ver
: many nations led by the united states are heeding the call. >> we learn about the horrifying scope of this catastrophe, destruction and suffering that defies comprehension. that is why thousands of american personnel, civilian and military are on the scene working to distribute clean drinking water and food and medicine and thousands of tons of emergency food supplies are arriving every day. >> geraldo: and two former occupants of the white house lend their voices to what is fast becoming one of the largest relief efforts ever. >> a lot of people want to send blankets or water. just send your cash. one of the things that the president and i doll is to make sure that your money is spent wisely. as president obama said, you can look us up on >> we want to do what i did with the president's father in the tsunami area. we want to be a place where people know their money will be well spent and we will ensure the ongoing integrity of the process. >> geraldo: as fox news correspondents criss-cross the fields of the dead and broken hearted the secretary of state t
in yemen is an organization that can reach out and touch the united states. that's a major reason general david petraeus went to yemen over the weekend and met with the president there and took messages and we are told pieces of information, and that's a direct quote from a senior u.s. official. pieces of information to president obama. the bottom line they are talking about targeting al qaeda. general petraeus made rare open remarks about yemen over the weekend. >> it's a country that has a lot of challenges. the reduction in oil production, although gas is going up, thankfully. many of the challenges of countries that are in the process of development, rugged terrain, tribal areas and so forth. and so very important, indeed, that yemen has taken the actions that it has, and indeed that not just the united states, but countries in the region, its neighbors and so forth have provided significant assistance. >> what comes next, heidi? yemen has taken actions. there will be more sharing of intelligence and more targeting information, and more training and equipping of yemenen security force
. >>> and united states and great britain closing their embassies in yemen, citing a specific, credible ongoing threat from al qaeda. it's unclear how long the embassies will remain closed. is yemen the new front in the war on terror? we're live in dubai with our security watch this morning. >>> we begin with tough new security measures facing every passenger flying to america from 14 high-risk nations, those nations are considered sponsors of terrorism or countries of interest by the transportation security administration. the new rules take effect this morning. our homeland security correspondent jean mene meserve live. >> reporter: all passengers on flights heading into the united states will be subject to random screening, and those flying in from certain countries will be required to go through enhanced screenings, such as full-body pat-downs, carry on bag searches, full body scanning and explosive detection swabs, this according to a new security directive issued by the transportation security administration, and now in effect. the countries include those that are officially listed by the
space. something that the united states can do here that no one else can do, this is now a naval operation. the united states navy is going to have to project themselves and try to help that way. but it is reminiscent of really depressing and sad pictures, but it's also the human factor. these are really hard operations. there is a reason the military is so large and often inefficient. and anyone with any experience of large organizations, there are sclerotic moments and that leads to people dying. >> there is a story out that president obama may be writing "newsweek's" cover story? >> yes. >> it's been a rough week. we haven't had anybody filing on time. federal office holders apparently have a hard time. the president is writing an essay for "newsweek" about why haiti matters. right now, we're in the middle of a very familiar and good ritual in american life. responding to the vivid, televised images of a terrible tragedy. we are texting money. the outpouring has begun, but what it will be like in ten days, what will it be like in a month? i promise you won't be talking about i
a number of teams on stand by here in the united states. but we were even told by the haitian government that -- that we need to balance the degree of that versus food and rations, and also about the president's top priority, which is saving lives. so we have been doing everything that we can can to get as many as sets on the ground as possible and get them deployed quickly. >> we will go over to the happen to take a closer look. as all the resources come in, u.s. military resource, and con true contributions from other companies, who decides where they go and what you do? >> as you know, that's a major challenge in any crisis like this. we have established along with the united nations that the agreement with secretary clinton and president preval, to coordinate a center that is up and running. we worked at the tactical and operational level between the force commander, from brazil, to do that as best we could. we will coordinate and synchronize all of the efforts to insure that we are putting on what we need where it's needed as quickly as possible using all assets available within the
while rescue and relief efforts are under way. the united states embassy in haiti is working around the clock to locate american citizens, believed to be in the country. a travel alert is in effect until march 13th. now, we have a little bit of an update here, savannah, from the white house. the president received two briefings this morning at 7:15. one was an update from the dhs, the homeland security department's national operation center, and then he got a memo from the national security adviser, which described just what they have learned so far. i know one thing, savannah, that they're hoping to do is get, now that daylight has broken, is get an aerial view of the devastation in and around port-au-prince so they can get at least some idea of what they're dealing with, since they don't have a lot of information from on the ground reports just yet, savannah. >> yeah. i mean, communications are basically nonexistent, so it's really hard to get a handle on what's needed, but suffice it to say, a lot of help is needed and we're told u.s. relief efforts are already under way to get t
. the united states of america needs to get to the hotel montana and get our children now! >> reporter: the university group of 14 had come to distribute food to poor haitian people the day before the disaster. the missing students were in their rooms when it happened, the teachers in the gym. the eight who survived, most of whom were by the hotel's pool, have spoken about wanting to come back here for their teammates. >> after we hugged our parents and loved ones and felt safe, we were all like ready to go back, because we're missing two professors and four other students. >> reporter: the family of courtney hayes from georgia has traveled to the dominican republic looking for information and for their child in hospitals. the parents of britney gangel, who were originally told she had been found alive, only to then hear the heartbreaking truth, can only wait and know that rescuers here are trying to help answer their prayers. >> we need a miracle now. >> reporter: with more than 100 people thought to still be inside, this place now represents the destruction that has befallen families
ways they are an accurate portrayal of the state of politics in the united states. >> you say it's fairly accurate. what about it is accurate? >> that if you go back to something that a columnist for the new york times wrote several weeks ago, basically whites in the united states were willing to vote for a black candidate who was, quote/unquote, racially ambiguous. that's what charles blow said. that puts blacks in a quandary in terms of how do you talk about race in you can't talk about it directly because when you talk about it directly, as reid did, you find yourself thrown in the briar patch. >> tony, what about the use of the word "negro" a term my parents may use but usually people of our generation don't. the fact that he went on to say "when he wants to" almost saying that when he wants to, barack obama can maybe talk jive. >> let me start by saying i don't think people generally should have their careers ended because they say something that is dumb or seems to be dumb. whether you're a republican or democrat, liberal or conservative. no like what we have been doing ove
from a different time. >> i think that's the issue. >> he's majority leader of the united states senate. >> i know, i know. guess what? our government is made up of people from all races and sexes. >> and people should evolve in their thinking and their terminology and the way -- >> you know what is sad? if he was talking about how barack obama -- >> that's the bad thing. >> we're going to talk about this in a little bit. >> look at this guest list. there is from mark halperin 'and john heilemann's new book. they are coming in today. we also have reverend al sharpton coming in, andy card, governor howard dean, john heilemann, mark halperin, mike allen, erin burnett. and andrea mitchell. you bring up a good point. some democrats were circling the wagon. what about so-and-so, when he said this? i would respond, people this is your majority leader in the united states senate, right now. in 2009. >> well -- >> and that's problematic that the guy thinks and talks that way. >> the only saving grace he has was he was speaking positively about then-senator obama, about his chances, about the go
states. the only person tried in the united states for a role in the september 11th attacks will stay in prison. a federal court has denied the appeal of zacarias moussaoui. he claimed that prosecutors withheld potentially helpful evidence during his trial and he was restricted in choosing his own counsel. >>> defense giant northrop grumman says it will move its corporate office from l.a. here to the washington area. the company wants to be closer to key government customers. it is looking if a location in d.c., maryland or virginia and hopes to identify one by spring. they make military planes, missiles, ships and other equipment. >>> gilbert arenas has admitted to having unloaded gun in the team's locker room. he in a statement, he says >>> potholes have started to pop up everywhere and bitter cold is to blame. emergency repairs will definitely inconvenience drivers on parts of the beltway. wisdom mart unis on pothole patrol. >> reporter: it is that time of year again. potholes are starting to pop up everywhere and drivers are trying to maneuver around the big bumps in the road. >>
into the united states. so, these are all some of the issues that will be the focus today, but certainly the president not very happy about how the intelligence was gathered and handled in this case. and he wants to get to the bottom of it to make sure that something like this does not happen again, kyra. >> all right, dan lothian, thanks so much. >>> and don't forget president obama talks airline security, 4:00 p.m. eastern, you'll see him live right here at cnn. >>> at this hour, at google's headquarters, the company is unveiling the nexus one, aka, the google phone. details have been popping up on the web for weeks, raising big expectations and some pretty big questions. your company actually mentioned the word "underwhelming." we've got that word. but the head lines here, the google phone cometh, it's like the second coming of christ. >> we have this sort of hyperbolic reaction in the run-up to the iphone and since the iphone we've been waiting for a second coming of sorts. google has put its operating system in a number of handsets. this is the first time it's taken sort of an activ
in the united states have to turn for information is social media. cnn has set up a haiti desk to monitor the pleas for help and bring you many of the heart wrenching stories and pictures that the survivors want the world to see. >>> and officials say they cannot even begin to guess how many casualties there are. haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. and there is barely any emergency response to speak of. pentagon officials say they're already working on shipments of humanitarian aid, but getting there will be tough, since the control tower at the airport in port-au-prince is gone. >>> scenes of horror and devastation in haiti this morning, 13 hours after a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook the capital city of port-au-prince and the surrounding area. still not clear how many people are dead at this point and how much more misery has been happied on the most desperate, disaster-prone area in the hemisphere. but one thing is certain, this is an unimaginable disaster. we're using the global resources of cnn to bring you have the most complete coverage of the earthquak
, it's affect on the people of haiti. the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and others in the region. we will be providing civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance and our prayers are with the people who have suffered, their families, and their loved ones. >> all right. we're going to bring in on the phone now luke renner who is a had yumanitarian worker just li off the haitian capital. what can you tell us about what you have seen, what do you know about the situation there? >> well, just to clarify, i'm about 90 miles north of the capital. we did feel the earthquake. we felt all of the aftershocks, but we haven't experienced the same damage that port-au-prince has. i've been trying all night long to get in touch with our colleagues on the ground in port-au-prince. the entire phone system here is completely down. communicationwise, the backbone of haiti is basically a prepaid cell phone system, and from all indications, that's just completely been obliterated, so what we've been doing is tracking with our colleagues and coworkers and
released a new audiotape, purportedly of osama bin laden. the voice on that tape blames the united states for climate change and the global economic downturn. >>> in haiti, two weeks after the earthquake, medical supplies are still in short supply. they need antibiotics and painkillers and doctors there are still overwhelmed by the thousands of patients seeking treatment each day. >>> and could there be literary masterpieces hidden in j.d. saling salinger's new hampshire home. he died yesterday at the age of 91, but reportedly continued writing until his death, keeping a treasure chest of manuscripts in his safe. salinger refused to publish his late life's work. now to chuck and the 2010. >> that's pretty exciting. on the bin laden story, i guess his oil money didn't contribute to climate change. >> interesting to see him venture into other areas. >> no irony there on where he gets all his money as well. >>> let's move to the 2010. the debate over ideological purity in the republican party on display last night in charleston, south carolina. our own jobe jeb and mika brzezinski, they test
and the reason he brought it to the attention of mr. brennan was because they felt that the united states was not paying enough attention to the country of yemen and the threats there. >> so much about the story that we continue to dissect this morning including how this particular underwear bomber should be tried. should he be an enemy combatant or tried in criminal courts. in criminal courts he is given rights afforded to all of us as u.s. citizens. it was debated with chris wallace on his sunday show. >> let me ask you specifically. after abdulmutallab got lawyered up, did he stop talking? >> i'm not going to address what he did before or after he was -- talked with his lawyer. we got information and we continued to have opportunities to do that. >> why not treat him? you certainly have the right. still have the right to treat him as an enemy combatant. why not do that. if he has more actionable intelligence about future attacks and you say there is a real possibility of that, doesn't the president have the responsibility to do everything legal he can to get that information? >> and th
on purpose. undercover. and you'll see that measures vary from airport to airport in the united states. >> and more of this interview next hour with our jeanne meserve. >>> pakistani intelligence officials now count five u.s. drone attacks over the last week. they're aimed at militants. the pace of the strikes has picked up considerably since a suicide bomber killed seven cia officers in afghanistan. pakistan says the latest drone attack killed at least 13 al qaeda or taliban. >>> the first portrait of princes william and harry together went on display at london's national gallery today. it shows the brothers in formal dress uniform in casual poses. the painting was done in five sittings by the artist nikki phillips. no matter how many layers you put on today, you'll probably need to double it by the weekend. intense wind and bitter windchills have everybody bundling up. we're back in a moment. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz?
somali extremists were planning on coming to the united states and detonating explosives while president obama took the oath of office. well, it turns out they were all rumors based on some false reports. >> all right, whit johnson in washington. whit, thanks. >>> the secret service now says there was a third gate crasher at that white house state dinner in november. he's identified as carlos allen by the "washington post." a party promoter in washington. like tareq and mikhail a la hey, he got into the affair without being on the guest list, he was with a group of indian business leaders brought to the affair by the state department. >> there was a group that was under our responsibility that went from a local hotel to the bho white house and there was a person not authorized to be in that group who encertificated hems or her self into that group. >> allen unlike sat la salahis never got close to the 3rd. >>> turning to the bitter cold. the deep freeze extends from the southeast to the midwest and is expected to last the rest of the week. the at least one death is blamed on the unusuall
or for the eastern united states and you can see it is a pretty good system that is moving across the eastern u.s. impacting nearly the entire east coast of the united states as part of that storm system that was hitting california hard over the weekend or last week rather. today, rain heavy at times, early this moing. some afternoon sunshine. breezy this afternoon. high early about 61. this afternoon, temperatures will be falling through the 50s. more on today's forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie and find out how people are managing out on the roads. >> it is not easy a lot of stokes skating around trees and wires down across the highways and in some areas, we are talking about standing water especially where they've been busy doing the hot lane work. that hot lane work between arlington boulevard and 66, callers temperature us that right lane is blocked off now because of standing water. allow yourself some extra time on the roads this morning and slow down. we do have reports of some trees down along the right side of the road there so be ver
understand the law when it comes to enemy combatants versus terrorists versus united states citizens. >> david, as you comment on that, i want you to listen to a dramatic moment at a congressional hearing when senator mccain asked three people who work for you on the front lines on the war on terrorism whether they were consulted in the decision to take the christmas day bombing suspect and put him in the federal system. >> i understand admiral blare, that in response to senator collins you were not consulted as to what venthew christmas bomber would be tried in, is that correct? >> that's correct, yes, sir. >> what about you? >> no, i wasn't. >> is that the way this is supposed to be done? if somebody is arrested the justice department or whoever can go ahead with this prosecution without consulting the intelligence community and essentially the people whose job it is to protect the american people? >> first of all, let me say, there were consultations on a whole range of matters between all the relevant agencies -- >> why did they say they were not? >> admiral blair connected his t
like fetchin wasally. >> the president of the united states, after a two-hour meeting -- >> i'm not sure that's english, but we will go with it. >> well, it means talking. after two hours of talking with the intelligence and security officials in this country, the president centralled to the lectern in the white house and said we had enough information. we could have stopped it. we screwed up. listen to this. >> the bottom line is this. the u.s. government had sufficient information to have uncovered this plot and potentially disrupt the christmas day attack. but our intelligence community failed to connect those dots, which would have placed the suspect on the no-fly list. in other words, this was not a failure to collect intelligence, it was a failure to integrate and understands the intelligence that we already had. >> essentially the same problem we had lead to go 9/11 and other things butch the president looked like he was in control. he evidently, by all reports, was extremely ticked off. there was a report when it was time to have a second address over in hawaii, that t
action if necessary to protect the united states >> tony shaffer, center for advanced studies, good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you. jane: this is new information courtesy of the associated press, in the bake of -- wake of democratic leader harry reid's comment about barack obama when he was president, eric holder, the nation's first black attorney general is weighing into this debate, joining in the defense of the senate majority leader, saying there is, quote, a prejudice bone in his body, republicans say reid should step down from the post, they say there's a double standard here. a debate, fair an balanced, coming your way, next. jane: democrats defend senator majority leader harry reid for racial comments he made during the 2008 presidential contain date. we heard a couple of minutes ago from attorney general eric holder, he's told the ab that reid doesn't have a prejudice bone in his body, this stems from a book that came from the campaign that americans might vote for barack obama because he was a, quote, light-skinned african-american with no reg row dialect unless he
there is someone more torn about this dilemma, and that is the president of the united states, who now realizes the reality of the situation. >> wasn't quite as torn during the campaign, was he? >> no. but he understand now. >> he understands now. it goes back to the conversation you had with a certain top official saying mike, if you knew what i knew every day, you wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. >> i was thinking about that the other day. the high-ranking guy, access to every security piece of paper that comes across the president's desk. he sees it beforehand, and i once asked him -- this is about a year and a half ago. and i said what's it like? you get up at 4:00 in the morning and you look at the intel reports. and if you look at what we see what the president sees, you probably wouldn't want to get out of bed every day. >> and he grapples with this and what our country is about. and it's the same issue with torture. they are very hard decisions. at the same time, what are we going to look like 10, 20, 30 years from now if we let this unravel. i agree it's very difficult. >> what
the bottom line on this, john. as you know, senator chris dodd has made the united states senate his life. he's been in the senate for three decades, but he has had a series of very, very tough political battles. in connecticut, starting with the fact that he moved to iowa to run for president with his wife and his two small children, that's when connecticut voters started to turn on him, then the fact that he is the senate banking chairman and obviously wall street went south. there's been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he has close ties with the banking community. so all of those things, combined with the fact that it is just not a good potential year for democrats, made senator dodd decide finally to retire and not run again. >> so what does this mean for democrats in terms of their chances in the 2010 election? do they have a good solid candidate who could replace dodd? and what does it mean for the president's agenda? >> reporter: that's a good question. when it comes to connecticut, you would think that this would be a bad sign for democrats. but actually, because senator dodd
in the united states senate. >> thanksgiving weekend up in massachusetts. >> stand outside fenway in the cold. >> shake hands. >> you, too, can be a senator. >>> according to "the washington post," the fbi invoked false terrorism emergencies to illegally obtain more than 2,000 phone records during the bush administration. the bureau simply persuaded phone companies to turn their records over. a report says the fbi then issued approvaled after fact in order to justify their actions. >>> and with the late-night battle lines clearly drawn, team conan is taking its message to the streets. backed by a facebook phenomenon, fans of "the tonight show" staged rallies in four cities yesterday. conan made a personal appearance outside universal studios, even buying pizzas for hundreds of people standing in the rain. conan appears poised to leave nbc after he refused to move his show to a later time slot. meanwhile, jay leno who is set to take back his old show at the 11:35 start time says it all comes down to business. >> when the boss gives you a job and you don't do it well, i think we did a good job
. should they be frustrated and angry at him? >> he's the president of the united states. ultimately he accepts responsibility and he knows that he has to move our country in a new direction. he said from the beginning it's going to be tough and challenging and he isn't shying away from that challenge. he said he's going to continue to fight. that's what he's going to do. every single morning he wakes up recommitted to fighting on behalf of our country. every night before he goes to bed he reads letter from 10 people around the country, sometimes children, asking for help. the people in america love this country. they are willing to work hard. >> do they have reason to be frustrated at him? >> they have a reason with everybody because we have not delivered yet. we're in washington and we have to change the culture here. that's not something that's easy. it's not something that's going to happen overnight but certainly they have every reason to be frustrated. there is also a "washington post" poll that said look, if you show people what is in health care, they are supportive of it. and p
. it doesn't go far enough. the congress in the united states has become a disgrace. it doesn't deal with the problems in the country. watching the state of the union and watching the camera pan across the room and looking, the average age of members of the u.s. senate is now 62. 56 or 57 for the house. that place is no more representative of this country. it is a bubble. it is worse than gridlock. it is self-interest. it is geographical interest. not about the common good. obama has been rolled by them. he thought he could charm them. he tried again. this time using a little bit of shame. but the great interest in this country ought to be the congress of the united states, republicans and democrats, and finding a mechanism to structurally reform it, and throw most of them or all of them out of there and start over. >> the president going on the campaign trail, is it a good move or style over substance? >> i think a lot of it is style over substance. i think obama says he failed to communicate. i think he's failed to convey any sense of conviction. i think he has failed to convey ide
yesterday said every state is in play. and going back to what the president of the united states said just a minute ago, do you think he really believes that? do you think that the people up in massachusetts when they -- ok, there's the lever right there. i'm mad at george bush. come on! >> i think he does believe it or he wouldn't say it. you think he'd come up with a better spin than that. he's been criticized in the past for blaming bush. now it's been a year. in fact, it was a year anniversary of his inauguration yesterday. >> i just thought this was amazing in that he says you know i'm doing so much work and i'm so busy, i haven't talked enough about it. i regret this year. here's where we're wrong. i was so busy getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crisis in front of us, i think we lost some of the sense of speaking directly to the american people. only problem with that is he spoke a lot to the american people. 42 news conferences, 158 interviews, he almost spoke too much to the american people. >> speaking of numbers, listen to robert gibbs yesterday. the message loud
to the president of the united states apparently now being quoted as pointing fingers at specific people. he does not only blame martha coakley for that fallout but the democratic senatorial campaign committee as well as potentially emanuel not blaming the president. others are saying the president has to assume some of this blame for letting health care reform get in the hands, the message at least, get in the hands of republicans. and the president allowing nancy pelosi to form health care reform and not having a lot of involvement in it until the bitter end. >> also people say tactically the ground game is slow to get out. they had the money but didn't put the operations. they got cocky about it. what does virginia, the resulting virginia, new jersey and, perhaps, massachusetts, if it does go into the republican column, what do they have in common? one thing, independence. democrats and republicans voted with their party but independents are marching in massive numbers towards the republican candidate. and that's the thing that you people have in common. they want to say that's an aberration
with our reporters. so stand by. other important news, the president of the united states is getting ready for his state of the union address tore night when he goes before congress, listen closely to how much applause he gets or doesn't get for his new plan to try to limit federal spending senior administration officials tell us mr. obama will call for a partial three-year spending freeze. that's just a drop in the bucket for a federal budget for more than $3 trillion. look at this. over half the federal budget goes to entitlements and other mandatory spending. those programs would not be affected like social security or defense. defense and other national security as i say would not be affected at all. that means the freeze would target about a fifth of the budget, but in the schemes of things not a huge amount of money. the president is already getting flack from both sides of the aisle. our dana bash asked senator john mccain for his reaction. you may remember that he rejected senator mccain's called for a spending freeze during the 2008 campaign. >> reporter: he said your proposal was
, illinois. i don't want them in there either. >> you don't want them in the united states at all. i think they belong in the guantanamo, where the combatants, the military combatants against the united states of america do not in my opinion should not have a civilian trial. it should be the military tribunal where it should go and take them off the soil of the united states of america. >> now, let's be honest, money talks and certainly talks in politics, that's what drives politics all the time. how these guys get reelected on a regular basis. 200 million dollars for newburgh, new york, which as the mayor points out, a poor area. what can you do with 200 million in that city. >> 200 million is for security issues only, it's not for programming, it's not for-- he said a tourist attraction. we have great tourist attractions in orange county. woodbury common, west point. i don't want to be known as the capital of terrorists. in this nation or in the world, in newburgh, new york. it won't stop. >> have you talked to mayor about it. >> i have talked to mayor, yesterday and friday. >> what did
. >>> let's get to weather now. cold and getting colder in much of the united states. and you, of course, are sending in your ireports to prove it. take a look at this. these pictures are in from janet molsom in omaha, nebraska. she said getting anywhere means driving through a maze flanked by walls of snow. that's pretty descriptive, janet. she also says this is the most snow she has seen in the ten and a half years she has lived in omaha. back to rob marciano as promised. we know for sure now, rob, this is not just cold, it is deadly cold. >> yeah, it's going to remain dangerously cold right through the weekend for a good chunk of the country. the pattern that's setting up is not entirely favorable to switching gears, like we see with most cold snaps. we get a cold snap, the air moderates, a storm comes in, scours out some of that cold air. all we're seeing is one air mass after another coming down from canada. until we exhaust that supply, we're looking at temperatures that are going to be below freezing in many cases, some in cases below zero. 28 in ashtabula with snow falling across
tonight. >> and they did talk and scott brown also got a call from the president of the united states and they kidded around about possibly having a two-and-two basketball game as the soon to be senator brown would take his daughter who is a standout at boston college. something else that's important, people are starting to point fingers. rahm emanuel saying martha coakley, a real bad candidate. they kind of blew it. the president of the united states stunned and frustrated. meanwhile, is he stunned and frustrated because the next year is going to be a lot more difficult or is it because of the future of health care? scott brown was on television this morning and had this to say about the future of that bill. >> whatever bill comes up, i'll look at it and make my own decision. but if it is the health care bill, we already have 98% of our people insured here already in massachusetts. we do not need the plan that's being pushed upon us, we'd have lesser care, longer lines and pay higher taxes and it makes no sense. >> i think we should allow the states to do what's important for their
here. the billy buster on an issue is not the same as seating a member in the united states senate regardless what have's going on in the senate. there is a process that unfolds. the secretary of state does what at the need to do, the senate does what it needs to do. and the fact that they've already made it very clear that we will be on structure had this process, that we will change the rules in order for us to get our way in the senate to me is not what the voters are going to the polls about. >> so you're saying they're trying to do something illegal? >> illegal is left for lawyers to decide. what i'm saying is that there is a process. and when you have congressman wiener and others saying our job will be to delay and obstruct this process, in order to speed it up if we can do that, to me goes counter to what the voters in massachusetts are doing. they are expects they'll elect a united states senator and they expect that senator to be seated in a timely fashion and if that doesn't happen, a lot of weight on the democrats' head in washington. >> and just so you understand what
borders has a field hospital set up. what is the united states doing in terms of bringing down medical teams to help care for the many, many people we see so desperately in need? ivan watson had a story of a woman whose foot had been amputated in a collapse and she'd been sitting outside with a tourniquet for more than 24 hours. >> the hospitals in port-au-prince have collapsed. there's a few facilities still opening, but not really capable of handling the surge of need. the other groups are there. the united states is bringing down medical personnel. we have some on the ground right now. i know that there are trauma teams that have been dispatched. we have the "carl vinson" aircraft carrier on the way which will be able to provide assistance. we've got the "uss comfort" getting ready to leave, to get down there. but the immediate trauma crisis, we're trying to meet with volunteer doctors, with military doctors and others, because the -- as you're right. this is a large area involving many, many, many millions of people who have been cut off from access, just getting to people to provi
fights will probably rest on one vote in the united states senate. opponents have poured money in your state. by defeeting ted kennedy with a republican opponent they will tie up the senate on health care reform and financial reform and other issues important to working family in massachusetts and the nation. >> there president obama producing an on line adto bost martha cokely's campaign. or the people's seat. we have learned that the president will cam tain per cokely in massachusetts tomorrow ahead of tuesday's election . if cokely doesn't win the race is the administration's entire agenda here in jeopardy. here is the joanna rice and conservative radio talk show host michael graham. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> this is a fascinating race. just a few weeks ago martha cokely was cruising and what happened? >> she campaigned . blown it up and on vacation . started compain. absolute disaster. one thing to run a tv adthat misspells massachusetts and then bashed scott brown with the world trade center and had to pull that . then a horrific, i think yesterday with an e
in the country's capital. the united states along with several european nations had closed their embassies in response to those threats. >>> for the first time since their arrest last month, five muslim americans are speaking publicly about their intentions to wage jihad in afghanistan. the five washington-area men who were detained in pakistan say they wanted to help fight western forces but deny any plans to carry out terrorist attacks. >>> a former u.s. intelligence official is confirming by reporting of richard engel that the suspect who killed seven cia officers in afghanistan last week was, in fact, a double agent. the official says the bomber, a jordanian doctor, had been brought to afghanistan to secretly infiltrate al qaeda. but instead of sharing information, officials say he detonated a suicide bomb at the cia outpost killing key u.s. intelligence personnel as well as a jordanian officer. >>> law enforcement officials say the suspect in monday's deadly shooting in las vegas courthouse was upset about losing a lawsuit over a social security benefit. a video posted on youtube capt
want you to be the next united states senator from the state of connecticut. we're going to do everything we can to help you. he was very encouraging and very supportive. i am very proud to have this opportunity to possibly follow senator dodd in the united states senate. >> looks like it could be a pretty crowded race. your potential republican opponent linda mcmahon has already spent about $5 million. here's what she told matt lauer this morning on the "today" show. >> i'm prepared o spend what it takes to win. i'm going to fund the campaign because i'm able to do that. i didn't want to take any special interest or pac money. when the money i've earned i'm spending and putting forward to win this race. >> just how tough a race do you think this is going to be and how expensive? >> i've never taken pac money and i have rejected all special interest money because i have stood strong and taken legal action against many of those special interests, pharmaceutical drug companies when they overcharge our consumers or market it off-label. insurance companies when they deny coverage t
in the united states senate and house of representatives. i don't think that's in america's interest and i hope our colleagues on the republican side will join us to curtail the essence of the decision. >> all the corporations can do that now. but what the senator fails to mention is in the last elections, the unions put up $70 million in monies they had to disclose, and the rest of it was monies they used to basically get out the vote for democrats. also, as vice chairman of the national republican senatal committee, i have to say, we raised about $90 million for a republican candidate for senate. the democrats raised $150 million and they got it mainly from businesses. if anybody thinks businesses are republican, especially big businesses they need to think twice. most of them are democrat, and they will give all kinds of money. it comes down to free speech. do these people have a right to participate in the political process? i think the unions should and the corporations should, and there are ways we can curtail offensive action if they want to. >> there will not be a law passed this year,
nations, including the united states. we know there are people on the ground from norway, for example, but it's going to take a while to get that rolling. hopefully sooner rather than later. tony, back to you. >> susan, before i let you go and i know i have to because you have other responsibilities to our various networks across several platforms, you have been to haiti on a couple of occasions, as i recall, to cover the aftermath of hurricanes and tropical storms. if you would take a moment and describe what you see now. >> reporter: sure. i've been coming here since the mid-'80s because of political turmoil as well as economic problems and natural disasters. it is indeed, if not the poorest, one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. so on a good day, it is difficult to get around haiti. it is difficult for these people to make a living. and now you're seeing what little infrastructure they have, which was bad to begin with, come tumbling down. buildings falling apart. i can't even imagine the extent of the work that will have to be done to try to bring them up to at l
. that's what makes the united states great. we are able to provide the technical capability, the resources that they need. you mentioned the red cross. we're already moving rapidly. that is what americans do. we stands up and contribute when others are in these kinds of situations, and so the president is getting regular updates around the clock. he'll be giving an update himself this morning. he takes this matter very seriously, and is determined that his administration will be aggressive and bold and responsive for every cycle minute along the way. >> a lot of people are looking at the white house response and echoing the experiences from hurricane katrina. how -- how much is katrina in the back of the minds -- the response from the white house, the back of the minds of the people in charge of the white house, in terms of not just the response, but the worry about repeating the same mistakes or appearing to make the same mistakes? >> we have learned a lot by katrina and we have in place right now, far better systems, a great team of people who are responsible. we have a ne
, germany, new zealand, lux many burg and the united states of america. >>> and looking out for scams in the economic downturn. >> otherwise reasonable people are falling victim to these things. especially fake check scams. >> i keep getting e-mails that i've been sent $1 million from people i've never heard of. >> you wire me a check and i'll wire a bit of it back. i promise it's lee jit. first of all, you could get these government scams, look, i'll help you get stimulus money. you just give me a bit of money and i'll help you navigate the process. caution. there is no program to help you get government cash to pay your bills. they're targeting small business as well. be careful if anybody is telling you that they can sell you access to government money. also for job hunters, pay a fee, we'll help you get a job. here's the job for you, you just need to pay for your credit check. give us all your bank information, your social security number, pay us the fee and we'll get you a job. wrong. they just want access to your financial information and they want your money. there's no job at
of this scale and magnitude away from the united states to create this kind of bipartisanship? >> well, i think that with something like this happens inside the united states we act in the same way. i think that it reminds us of our common humanity, of the needs that go beyond fleeting disagreements, whatever our policy disputes are, don't seem to matter much when people are dying. and hungry and sick. i think it's just a natural human response. just as people's disagreements are natural human response and in normal times can be healthy. it wouldn't be healthy for america if, in normal times, we had no political debates. and it would be perverse if in a time like this we let lesser matters keep us from joining hands. >> president bush, you're back. >> indeed. it's a little nostalgic. i'm glad i've come back for this purpose. i must confess i really -- i miss you as a person but i don't miss the spotlight. >> i think i'll take that as a compliment. good luck to you both. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> and up next, we'll talk politics and assess the first full year of the obama presidency, o
of that will be coordinated by governments, including the united states. it will also be coordinated by folks who are literally arriving here at their own behest. we have the university of miami, a team of doctors that just arrived here. what can you do at this point? there is no infrastructure here, there is no hospital to go to. what do you do for those patients, those victims who need to be triaged right on the street? >> we don't know. we just got here. we'll see what's going on. we have been here before. we have a usual mission that comes down here almost on a quarterly basis so we're used to the hospitals and the infrastructure. we'll just see what we can do. whatever we can't do we'll just transport back up. >> you have that plane there. have you a team here, a lot of work to do ahead of them. i spoke to a doctor also with the university of miami of arrived here yesterday. he said that 48-hour window did give him hope. he was very optimistic that if somebody was trapped under that rubble and brought out, they would be able to attend to them. he wanted to remain positive but clearly on the
of the united states from 2007 to 2009. he joins me now. judge mukasey, welcome. >> good to be here, paul. >> you wrote this week that you don't think that abuell umar farouk abdulmutallab should have been charged in criminal court. >> the principal question is timing not where he ultimately wound up, it's secondary, but he should have been taken designated an unlawful enemy cot b bah-- combatant. or a belligerent-- >> sounds like a new yorker. >> and intent on intelligence gathering, he knew who put him on the plane and mixed up the stuff that he had in his underpants and he knew who had trained, radicalized him and so forth. he had a wealth of information weeks' never going toware about that and we're certainly not going to hair about it in a timely way and the failure to do that i think was major, major gaffe. >> paul: the argument from the administration, if he was named an enemy combatant he would have the right under a supreme court hearing to have an habesa hearing and could he be released. >> an habeas could only challenge the confinement. given the fact he was apprehended with a
, is the fact that obama is talking about more threats against the united states, such as the one we saw christmas day, and at the same time, they say, that al qaeda in yemen, responsible for that christmas day attack, is, in fact, in the process of planning still more similar attacks, some, perhaps, even involving women. they say they're bound and determined to attack the united states. recent intelligence, however, says that that doesn't appear to be imminent, savannah, at least for now. from kabul, back to you guys. >> thanks, mick. >>> still to come on "the daily rundown," massive relocation efforts are under way in haiti. tens of thousands are moved to tent cities outside the earthquake-devastated capital. and a man trapped for 11 days emerges unscathed. what saved him? we'll have that next. >>> plus, "time" magazine crowned him man of the year, but what happens to the markets if ben bernanke isn't reconfirmed as fed chair? cnbc's steve liesman takes a look next. >>> but first, a look ahead at the president's schedule. it's laker day at the white house. kobe bryant making an appeara
of the united states to stop the nonsense and it is nonsense if indeed we are in a war, as he just said, that you haul a guy off who just tried to blow a civilian airliner out of the sky and put him in jail in detroit. you hand him over to the military who does what it has to do to find out who the hell he is, how he got there, who helped him out and where they live. you know it and i know it and everybody watching this knows it, determine. but when is barak obama going to get it? >> probably when it's too late for many americans and other victims. you know, if you really look at what brennan and napolitano had to say at the three-page memo the president signed, the concrete recommendations are pretty basic. they're to buy more stuff. upgrade i.t. systems, buy more scanners. again, i go back to the fact, we don't need more stuff. we need better ideas and we need determination, determination to win. i have to disagree with you on one other thing. i do want heads to roll. but not some poor guy from the state department. but a leader is responsible for everything -- >> look. you know how i
rightly pointed out, it is the u.s. military and also the people of the united states who are helping to carry out the largest part of this relief effort in haiti. just point to the fact that two former presidents of the united states, president bush and president clinton, are rallying an effort that involves a massive response from the armed services, the donations from millions of average americans, that they are doing their best to encourage. caroline shively joins us following the response efforts from the white house this morning. the united states, leading the way here, caroline, as it has time and time again in these kinds of human tragedies, and in this case, the president has pledged the full support of the united states today and today is a vital, vital day in this operation. caroline? >> reporter: it is incredibly crucial, martha. this could be the make or break day. president obama just in the short term has pledged $100 million in u.s. aid, he acknowledges, though, that money is probably going to go up over the long term as haiti tries to claw its way out of this hole. at
first before you board a flight to the united states. not so. turns out prior to the attempted bombing, they didn't check their visas until they were in the air. it was a policy. it was not just an oversight. this is the federal policy. here is a quote from an obama official. the problem was not the misspelling but the system designed prior to christmas day at post, at main state, and nctc, the system did not require anyone to focus on the existence of the vis a. they are reeing the policy. but what is the point of the policy. why review the passport or visa when you are in the air if you contain them on the ground. >> explain the logic of even if they don't try to blow up the plane as you hope and it actually lands. still it is somebody's visa doesn't check out, you have to deport them back? >> you land the flight and stop in green land across thuar say you need to get off the flight. we fail to check your visa. it is a bigger problem. the rail system in this country. it would take amtrak and so forth. they don't check id's until you are on the train an hour into the train and then ch
the quake struck are back in the united states. the 15 member group arrived in new york early this morning. the group was on a humanitarian mission in haiti when the quake struck, they were working at an or fan imagine, most of them playing in a field with children. >> i was in a building when the earthquake hit, we all ran out. most of the team was already out playing with children in the field. and -- so we just hugged the children who were terrified. so we were never in any serious danger. >> group members say they were lucky to make it to the airport and get on a flight. >>> just ahead on the "morning news," president obama's big bank tax. >>> plus, ft. hood fallout. other officers may face punishment in the deadly shooting spree. you're watching the "cbs morning news." (announcer) did you know the snuggly softness from snuggle is also a great value? it's the difference between paying more... and getting more. snuggle fabric softener gives you fresh, snuggly softness your family will love - and it costs much less than the leading brand! because everyone loves to snuggle! to get more of
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